Advancing Public Health: The Latin American Coalition for Escherichia coli Research


  • Alfredo G. Torres Department of Microbiology and Immunology; Department of Pathology, Sealy Center for Vaccine Development; University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA



Escherichia coli, Latin America, LACER, pathogenic E. coli, One Health


The Latin American Coalition for Escherichia coli Research (LACER) is an interdisciplinary, collaborative initiative aimed at advancing the understanding of E. coli. LACER brings together researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals from various Latin American countries, in order to foster cooperation, the exchange of knowledge, and innovative research aimed at tackling the challenges posed by E. coli infection. Through a collaborative approach, LACER members engage in joint research projects, data sharing and capacity building activities. By promoting scientific dialogue and fostering international collaboration, the coalition seeks to enhance the region’s research capabilities, bridge knowledge gaps, and provide evidence-based recommendations to policymakers and healthcare providers. LACER also plays a crucial role in raising awareness concerning E. coli infection, promoting educational and training programs, and advocating for improved surveillance systems and public health interventions. By actively involving stakeholders from academia, government agencies and the private sector, the coalition aims to promote a holistic approach to E. coli research and control in Latin America. Through its diverse membership and comprehensive approach, LACER strives to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment strategies, with the ultimate goal of mitigating the impact of E. coli on public health and agricultural systems in Latin America.


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