Number 3(1) is now complete!! Release of the number 3(2) of South Sustainability!!!


We invite everyone to read the articles in our number 3(1) online at this link.

Likewise, we announce the start of issue 3(2) corresponding to July-December 2022. You can see the first article of the issue (link here), which is a comment on the documents published about the past oil spill in Peru.

Also, we remind you that our magazine is a continuous publication platform receiving and evaluating papers 365 days of the year.

  • Immediate sent confirmation (via OJS).
  • First response (submission for review/rejection): 7-14 days
  • Average acceptance/rejection time post-peer-review: 120 days
  • Online availability: 7-14 days post-acceptance

For more information, you can contact the editor-in-chief:

Dr. Hector Aponte

Universidad Científica del Sur (Lima, Perú)