Pantanos de Villa Ramsar Site: Tourist proposal for the Marvilla Circuit based on the records of the birdlife

Keywords: migration, stressors, invasion, wetland, monitoring, analysis


In the Pantanos de Villa we find “Marvilla”, an outstanding tourist circuit whose route runs along part of the Peruvian coast. On the tour of the circuit you can see a great variety of bird species, both resident and seasonal, that take advantage of this area to feed, rest, and even as a nesting place. Given its characteristics, it is important to propose adequate measures that simultaneously allow the protection of birds and guided visits. After analyzing the records of the birds in the Pantanos de Villa during 2020, visits during the months of December-March are proposed as ideal for tourist activities, it is recommended to reduce the capacity of people during the reproductive season, it is requested to take into account the anthropogenic stressors that can lead to changes in the structure and abundance of the bird fauna, and the work for systematic registries that allowed the analysis of the information to take precautions and propose adequate measures is highlighted.


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Author Biographies

Sofia Chung-Velásquez, UCSUR

Estudiante de la carrera de Biología Marina de la Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Biológicas de la Universidad Científica del Sur

Hayde Lopez-Manrique, Universidad Federico Villareal

Graduated from the Ecotourism Engineering degree from the Faculty of Geographical, Environmental and Ecotourism Engineering of the Federico Villareal National University, Lima-Peru.

Policy brief