A detailed underwater and on-board workflow for marine ecological research, using a subtidal kelp forest study

Underwater and on-board workflow for subtidal kelp beds surveys

Keywords: work at sea, marine forest, kelp beds, hyperbaric condictions, scientific diving, protocol


Compared to its terrestrial counterpart, work at sea to collect scientific data calls for an efficient workflow and particular skills from personnel, particularly when the study involves several observation variables. Therefore, a procedure that incorporates both the underwater and on-board phases in a coordinated manner is required. Although there exist published and validated sampling protocols for benthic habitats, in the existing literature it is more difficult to find workflows or recommendations for use prior to data collection. Using a kelp forest ecological assessment study as a model, we present a detailed workflow for sampling, both on-board and under hyperbaric conditions, so that it can be used as an example for subsequent evaluations, as a standardized method for systematic study in blue carbon ecosystems.        



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Author Biography

MSc Bernabé Moreno, Carrera de Biología Marina, Universidad Científica del Sur. Lima, Perú

Stoic and abstruse. Marine biologist, scientific/technical diver & underwater cameraman. Currently working with Antarctic & Southeastern Pacific macrobenthic communities. Highly interested in polar, fragile and pristine environments and how abiotic setting defines the functional-biological diversity. Utilisation of underwater footage and photography to survey subtidal ecosystems.