Material Flow Analysis for Production, Consumption and Trade of Beverage Carton Packaging in Peru during 2018

Keywords: beverage carton packaging, material flow analysis, circular economy, recycling, packaging


Laminated cardboard containers for beverages are used for the storage of perishable food and beverages, in order to preserve their quality throughout the distribution chain. The disposal of post-consumer packaging is a growing environmental concern, and the promotion is urgently required of more sustainable packaging through circular economy strategies. In this context, a material flow analysis of the laminated carton packaging that circulated through the Peruvian economy in 2018 was conducted, with the aim of identifying challenges and opportunities for the design of circular strategies. The importation of cardboard coils for beverages constitutes the main flow of containers entering the market, with a total of 8835 tons of material entering during 2018. Only 6% of the beverage cartons that enter the market are recycled by the paper and cardboard industries. The remaining 94% is destined for final disposal in landfills and dumps. Beverage carton recycling initiatives are currently being promoted by the private sector. There is potential for the use of beverage cartons which are currently discarded, which could result in the insertion of more than 5000 tons of cardboard for recycling into the paper and cardboard industries. The key factors identified have the potential to lead to actions for the promotion of packaging circularity.


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