Carbon reserves in Protected Natural Areas, a mitigation measure in the face of climate change: the case of Cutervo National Park - Peru




Protected Natural Area, carbon reserve, climate change, Peru


Forests with protected natural area (PNA) status have the capacity to contribute to the net global greenhouse gas (GHG) reservoir. The aim of this paper is to discuss the results of an investigation of carbon (C) stocks in a PNA in Peru, as a mitigation measure against climate change, and to provide alternative solutions and/or decisions oriented towards the implementation of a public policy in Peru. The Cutervo National Park (PNC) is an important C sink for our planet, because its forests regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the atmosphere, through capture, storage and fixation in the biomass and soil. The formulation is recommended of policies based on scientific evidence, together with sustainable budgetary allocation aimed at mitigating human threats in areas such as the PNC.