Aquaculture and its potential in the context of Peru’s sustainable development




Aquaculture, sustainable, development, opportunities, Peru, world


Aquaculture is booming, both globally and within Peru, and its continued development will require an approach founded upon sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. This study offers an overview of the strategies proposed by various authors and specialized institutions, including smallscale aquaculture, the productive evaluation of native species, the cultivation of algae, and primary consumers. Other themes addressed include, where environmental and economic conditions make it viable, the diversification of aquaculture towards intensive, integrated and polyculture production, particularly at sea. In the application of all possible strategies, transversal planning involving research, technology, innovation, the productive economy, the health sector, and the training of human capital will play an important role. In order to ensure the successful management of aquaculture development throughout the world, and particularly in Peru, knowledge concerning the practical application of other successful productive ventures will be beneficial.