Growth and water deficit resistance of a Peruvian ecotype of Arundo donax L.

Keywords: Energy crops, Peru, drought, water stress


The aim of the study was to assess the behavior of a Peruvian ecotype of Arundo donax L., when subjected to water stress under greenhouse conditions, and to analyze the plant’s physiological and growth parameters. For a period of 30 days, in 9.5 L pots, the species was submitted to drought conditions: daily water of 200 ml for the control (100 % of the pot capacity); 100 ml for moderate drought (SM; 50 % of the pot capacity); and 50 ml for severe drought (SS; 25 % of the pot capacity). A slight reduction in the relative water content (RWC), a reduction in plant leaf area (LA) and a favorable increase in the dry weight of both the root and aerial sections of the plant were identified. Although a reduction in chlorophyll concentration was observed, in general terms the species responded favorably to severe drought conditions. The results of the study offer a promising assessment of the tolerance displayed by A. donax to severe water stress and its potential biomass production under such conditions.


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