The issue of plastic use during the Covid-19 pandemic

Keywords: Covid-19, plastic waste, masks, bio-contaminated material, waste treatment


This article offers an examination of research on the use of plastic products during the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine period and discusses the effect of plastic waste on the environment. Plastic waste has become a global environmental problem, as it accumulates in organisms and ecosystems through trophic chains, in the form of microplastics and macroplastics which remain stable for long periods before they are broken down into monomers, which then become mineralized. In Peru, efforts have been made to minimize the impact of plastic waste, through reductions in the production and consumption of first-use plastics in markets and stores. However, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the environment has led to an increase during the pandemic in the use of disposable plastic products (bags, food containers), and also in disposable medical devices such as masks, gloves and protective clothing, which are used in both hospital and domestic settings. This article addresses strategies for the treatment of bio-contaminated plastic material, as well as the use of alternative replacement materials.


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