Evaluation of the water quality of Laguna Marvilla in Pantanos de Villa (Lima – Peru)

Keywords: wetland, water, quality, standards, index, parameters


The Pantanos de Villa Wildlife Refuge is a wetland recognized for its significant biological diversity and important ecosystem services. However, the urban growth and the productive activities that are developed in its surroundings generate an impact in its different components, among them the quality of the water. Therefore, the objective of the research is to evaluate the water quality of Laguna Marvilla, through comparison with environmental quality standards (ECA) for water and the determination of the Peruvian Water Quality Index (ICA-PE) proposed by the National Water Authority (ANA). The annual data of 2019-2020 was analyzed obtaining averages in the parameters of pH, electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids of 8.8, 4644.8 µS/cm and 3413.8 ppm respectively. Besides, it was carried out a punctual sampling of nine physicochemical and microbiological parameters, five of which do not comply with the established in Category 4 of the ECA for water, being these nitrates, total phosphorus, total ammonia, biochemical oxygen demand and thermotolerant coliforms. Likewise, with the sampling data a value of 46.35 was obtained in the ICA-PE. Concluding that the water quality of Laguna Marvilla is regular, that is, it is occasionally threatened or damaged.


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