Use of biochar as a remediation technique for hydrocarbon contaminated soils in Peru

Keywords: Biochar, Hydrocarbons, Inmobilization, Pollution, Pyrolisis, Oils, Soil, Peru


Peru's oil industry is critical in economic and energy terms due to its contribution to the country; however, it carries several problems, such as oil spills and severe consequences for the soil and biodiversity decrease in the area. There are multiple methods to decontaminate the soil, but some can be incompatible with the environment or expensive. This bibliographic review reveals the properties of biochar and its use in contaminated soil restoration. Biochar is a product made of organic matter that goes through a pyrolysis process to get a porous amendment with free radicals on its surface, which immobilizes different pollutants. In addition, among its properties, it captures humidity moisture and increases the percentage of C, H, O, and N, which contribute to the quality of the soil. Finally, the use of biochar can be associated with other techniques such as phytoremediation or pollutants immobilization.


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