Identification of potential sources of financing for Los Pantanos de Villa wetlands

Keywords: financing, coastal wetland, economic sustainability, ecosystem services


The purpose of the autonomous organization PROHVILLA is to promote the conservation and sustainable development of Los Pantanos de Villa wetlands, as a protected natural area and Ramsar site. To do so, it requires its own sources of financing to cover all the costs of its activities. However, reduced income has produced a funding gap. This research aims to identify potential sources of financial income. A total of 14 new alternatives were identified, of which 35.7% are established in the income classifier of the Peruvian Ministry for the Economy and Finance (MEF), 35.7% correspond to alternatives for ecosystem services, and 28.6% involve interaction with third parties. A total of 71.4% have the potential to generate sustainable or long-term income streams, and 28.6% to generate temporary or intermittent income.


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Policy brief