Production of biogas from acid cheese whey and guinea pig manure in Santa Rosa de Quives

Keywords: cheese whey, manure, biogas, guinea pig


One of the major social problems that Peru is experiencing is access to electricity in rural areas. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of biogas production through the combining of two organic sources (acid cheese whey and guinea pig manure) which are found in the district of Santa Rosa de Quives, in order to provide access to renewable energy. Five treatments were conducted with different percentages of these organic sources, over a period of eight weeks. Electrical conductivity and pH parameters were analyzed during fermentation, as essential parameters for the anaerobic digestion process. Across the different treatments, statistical differences in electrical conductivity and pH results were found. The highest potential of biogas production was evidenced in treatment B (3.01 L biogas/week), and it was therefore concluded that, using these two sources, the best yield is achieved by combining 45 liters of acid cheese whey and 5 liters of guinea pig manure.


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