Sustainable building: after-sale chain of responsibilities in Lima

Keywords: sustainability, buildings, chain of responsibilities, housing, construction


Today, sustainable construction is not only an environmental responsibility, but also a responsibility owed to future generations, incorporating design quality that will not lead to dissatisfaction, reprocessing or cost overruns, but above all a sustainable eye to the future, ensuring satisfied customers through implementation of a chain of responsibilities that generates value in multi-family homes. The evaluations contained in this study are based upon several multi-family buildings in Metropolitan Lima. The factors assessed included satisfaction, structure, quality and sustainability, in order to evaluate the after-sale chain of responsibility in construction projects. The results of this research indicate that the highest incidences of dissatisfaction occurred in relation to sanitary installations and finishing. Currently, it is estimated that almost 80% of this kind of work is carried out by subcontractors or suppliers, highlighting the importance of establishing a chain of responsibilities that is broken when the subcontractor or supplier delivers the product to the construction company, in such a way that the builder can ensure in some way that the subcontractors or suppliers deliver
a product of the highest quality, thereby benefiting all those directly involved in the construction, because there will be no call for reprocessing, material complaints will be reduced, and users will not be left  issatisfied. After-sale management must be assimilated throughout the organization as a competitive and sustainable strategy, because through contact with users and the feedback received from them regarding performance and product quality, the different areas of the real estate business can be improved by raising the quality standards of the processes involved, thereby achieving continuous improvement in terms of both product and service.


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