5.5 mm implant. A solution for severe atrophies without sacrificing predictability

  • Eduardo Anitua Private practice in oral implantology, Eduardo Anitua Institute, Vitoria, Spain. Clinical researcher, Eduardo Anitua Foundation, Vitoria, Spain. University Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Oral Implantology - UIRMI (UPV/EHU-Fundación Eduardo Anitua), Vitoria, Spain. https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8386-5303
Keywords: short dental implant, bone atrophy, finite element model


The rehabilitation of areas of the maxilla and mandible with extreme resorption is a fact of increased presence in our dental practice. Surgical techniques such as short and extra-short implants facilitate the resolution of these clinical cases. In this clinical case report we develop a case rehabilitated using a 5.5 mm long implant and we provide a biomechanical study of the behaviour of implants with these characteristics.


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