Peer review

The Revista Científica Odontológica The Revista Científica Odontológica delegates the peer review to researchers outside the Editorial Committee (external peer review) who are experts in the subject of study. Likewise, the journal initiates the evaluation course of the article through its editor-in-chief, who evaluates its relevance. If this evaluation is satisfactory, the editor will designate the paper to the associate editor, who in turn will designate its evaluation to two or three peer reviewers, who will issue a recommendation on the decision of the article. Then, the associate editor will suggest a final decision to the chief editor, and finally, the editor-in-chief will validate the decision and notify the corresponding author (see Editorial process).
Any proposal for publication will be subject to the peer-review process, ensuring confidentiality during this process. The reviewer is prohibited from disseminating, commenting on, or using the information that is under scrutiny.
The reviewer should not be limited to the evaluation of the manuscript but analyze the degree of authenticity and originality of the writing. If errors are identified in the text, the reviewer must present them in the review report; unless it is a serious fault.
Each reviewer has the responsibility to declare any conflict of interest. The Editorial Committee will evaluate the case, being able to exempt the reviewer from the evaluation of the article.
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 The average peer review time is 28 days and the response to the author from receipt of the article has a maximum of 8 weeks.