Facial biotype in relation to the shape of the upper dental arch of individuals from the city of Corrientes. A crosssectional study

Keywords: Dental arch, Face, Index, Population


This research sought to define a facial anthropometric pattern that characterizes individuals from the City of Corrientes. Objectives: Obtain the facial morphometry of individuals of both sexes and determine its prevalence. To determine the most frequent types of maxillary arches in the sample. To analyze the facial variation through the morphometric index in relation to the shape of the maxillary arch. Materials and methods: This study was observational, descriptive, and crosssectional. The facial morphometric modification was analyzed in relation to the shape of the upper dental arch, which was presented by a group of 50 patients of both sexes, born in the city of Corrientes, Argentina with an age range between 18 to 40 years, who voluntarily attended for his attention to the FOUNNE University Dental Hospital and the Rossi Candia SAPS dependent on the Municipality of the City of Corrientes. To establish the Facial Morphological Index (FMI), the Rakosi & Irmtrud measurement was implemented, using a digital caliper with a range of 150 mm. To determine the shape of the arches, plaster models obtained from each maxilla belonging to the sample are made and with the use of 3M brand templates, the arches are classified according to Williams. With the upper arch shape, correlations with facial biotypes have already been established. (p<0.05). Results: The most frequent facial biotype was Mesoprosopo with 38% followed by Leptoprosopo 36% and Euryprosopo 26%. Regarding the arch shape, 46% of the patients studied presented a quadrangular arch shape, 40% Ovoid, and 14% Triangular. None of the variables studied was significantly correlated with the age of the patients. The values calculated for Chi-Square were not significant (p-values > 0.05). Conclusions: The results obtained do not allow for establishing a specific facial anthropometric pattern in individuals from the City of Corrientes. Likewise, there is facial morphometrics regarding the shape of the upper dental arch.


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