Frequency of the appearance of idiopathic osteosclerosis and condensing osteitis in lower jaws in panoramic X-rays




Osteoesclerosis, mandible, radiography


Objective:To determine the frequency of idiopathic osteoesclerosis (IO) and condensing osteitis (CO) in panoramic radiographs. Methodology: 1500 panoramic radiographs of patients of both sexes, with chronological ages between 20 and 88 years, were studied. The presence of bone condensations (BC), distribution according to age, sex, location, relationship with the teeth, and whether they were solitary or multiple were evaluated. Results: 183 BC (12.4%) were observed with 113 in women (61.7%) and 70 in men (38.2%). IO was verified in 127 subjects (8.5% of the total sample), while 56 presented CO (3.7%). IO was more frequent between the third and fourth decade of life, while a greater number of CO was found over 40 years of age (p = 0.002); regarding sex, both types of BC were significantly more frequent in women (p = 0.005). BC were more frequently located in the right molar, left molar, and right premolar zone; Regarding the relationship with the teeth, a higher number of BC were observed in the apical, separated and in the apical and interradicular areas. The single presentation of BC was more prevalent considering sex or age. Conclusions: BC can be differentiated from other pathologies based on the radiographic characteristics. Taking into account, the high prevalence of BC, they should be considered in the clinical management of patients in order to guide adequate treatment planning.


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